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Accessing A Database


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I have a MySQL database on my abc.com domain and wish to have PHP pages on my 123.com, 456.com, and 789.com domains access information in the abc.com database. (It's for a central calendar system with different front pages depending which site you're on.) Is there anything wrong with doing that as long as I own all the domains? And if it's ok, how do I do it? Or if anybody can point me in the general direction that'd be cool too. Thanks.



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Get the IP address of all the domains you want to have access to the database on abc.com.


Go to abc.com's control panel and in the database administration area, enter those IPs in the authorized hosts for the database you want.


Voilá, they can now access the database! :)

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Thanks for the solution.


Just faced a similar problem, and came up with a simpleton's work-around:

I have all the MySQL database and PHP pages on one site, but access from a 2 frame page on other sites:

unique site header (and language) above, PHP placed below. Almost seamless :thumbup1:



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