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I have an upload script I would like to place into an area of my site with no links (essentially private). Thanks to the cpanel, I have the directory for the cgi-bin so that's covered for the script.


I became stumped when the script was asking for where I want the uploaded files to go:

$SAVE_DIRECTORY = "put something in here"


And on the form line:

ACTION="put something in here"


If I just make a new folder in my public_html file, I can just use the folder address in the form, but what should the script say? And wouldn't that end up being public if I did it that way? :( I don't think I want it to go to the public area of my site if possible. Or does it matter?


I have never used folders outside the website before...new territory so I need guidance.


Thank you for assistance.


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You could have it post to a subfolder under public_html and then use cPanel to password protect that folder.


The rest of your question I'm not clear on. Are you running the script and it's asking you these questions? Is this a PHP or a Perl script? Could you possibly paste the whole script into a message or point us to where we can take a look?

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