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3 Years And Keeps Getting Better

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I build websites and I also host most of them through a reseller account here at TCH. Some of my clients want to stay with their existing host and that's fine with me--as long as their host can get the job done. This is rarely the case. It's not about cost, either. Some big name hosts that cost $30 for a regular hosting account can't get the job done.


I use some "sophisticated" tools that require more than your average HTML page: WordPress, Gallery2, Drupal, Mambo, MovableType, PHP List, Dada Mail, Ultimate Form Script, etc. Many use an SQL database and PHP. On TCH, it all works just fine. Upload, install, presto. Easy for me, easy for my client.


The trouble comes when a client wants me to set up something on their host and although maybe the software installs correctly, there's usually trouble down the road. For a client today I installed Gallery2 and the G2 Windows XP image uploader wouldn't work, then the Upload Applet wouldn't work. Yes, their help desk said they'd work on it, but it's just more delays and, frankly, most cost to my client.


My clients come to me with big name hosts, too. I won't list them here, but you'd recognize them. The other day, a huge Internet presence host didn't run "Ioncube" (not that I even know what that IS!) that Ultimate Form Mailer uses, so it didn't work. Sure, I could have searched around for another form program that did everything UFM did AND ran on this host's severs, but that would have taken time, rather than JUST WORKING THE FIRST TIME. For the client, it came down to UFM working or switching hosts (to my TCH). UFM--and TCH--won out.


Same thing the other day with PHP List. Something about not running in safe mode. I did a bit of research, talked to the host and they said I had to do a few things and it would work. I did the few things (yes, it's highly possible I didn't do them correctly) and it still didn't work. Switched them to TCH, too.


I'm not trying to bash other hosts. I'm just trying to save some time and money and frustration for those maybe enticed by big names or flashy packages offerring lots of bandwidth or lots of something. If your sites are at all complex--or ever will be--you want the nuts and bolts working and the bells and whistles working.


It just works here.


Anyway, this is my Thank You to TCH.


Best regards,


- Bradley

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I too know your frustration. I recently had a seo client who uses a major niche host in there industry. They not only charge more for less. They had the nerve to tell me to just use what they provide as it is sufficient. Not only do they provide useless software to use they back it up with just as useless support. I can't say it enough :( and I thank goodness everyday that I lucked out and stubled upon you guys.


Keep up the great work.

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Thanks for the review Bradley. I too agree about other hosts charging more for less and that's why I am here.

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