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This is kind of hard to explain so please bear with me :


My site seems to be serving up a phantom page to a lot of my visitors. This page and it's accompanying graphics are no longer on the server and have not been for quite some time. The links to the graphics are eg: pic1.gif and NOT absolute urls. I have checked countless times to be sure the code calling the buttons does not exist anywhere I may have forgotten about.


The request for these graphics show in my error log. This tells me the page is coming from the server and not the visitors DNS cache. Or is that wrong? :P


Does TCH ever use a cached site? I know my previous host did.


Thoughts? Thanks


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I use googles cached page feature alot..


My company blocks alot of sites, and If I need to view a site that's blocked.. I go to google and search for it, and view it's cached copy :huh:


pretty slick feature if you ask me..

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Hmmm I wonder, you can set a page to not cache itself, maybe doing this to your pages will mean google can not cache them yourself.


If you need too, there is a site which has most sites backed up so you can see it changing through the years.


I can not remember the address of the top of my head!



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