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In a ongoing attempt to improve the service's that we offer our clientele we are proud to announce the following new feature in all help desk tickets. This new feature will be available in every ticket submitted into our help desk.


If you are viewing the ticket from within the help desk itself, you will now see a link at the bottom of each ticket. Simply stating:


"Not happy with the level of service provided to you in this ticket, click here to escalate this issue to a manager."


Clicking the link will take the user directly to a form that they can complete to have their ticket escalated to a manager. Basically what will happen is one of our on call managers will be paged and will be required to review the ticket and offer a resolution to the customer that was not obtainable with the first levels of support.


Furthermore, the emails sent from the help desk will contain a link at the end of each e-mail allowing the customer to escalate issues.


One thing I would like to point out, is please do not abuse this resource.

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