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Creating Mod_rewrite Rules

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Hi all.


I'm in the process of migrating my hosted TypePad blog to a WordPress blog I'm running on my TCH account.


I have a question re Apache mod_rewrite. First, though, a bit of background to my question.


The big remaining issue is that of ensuring that no one gets a 404 error if they go to a historical post originally published on the TypePad blog that will now be in the WordPress blog. As TypePad and WordPress have wholly different formats for URL naming, migrating those URLs is difficult, to say the least.


I've found some excellent assistance online on how to import content from TypePad into WordPress and what I need to do to ensure that no incoming links are broken. Part of that includes creating some custom rules in mod_rewrite.


I've done some thinking out loud here:



So a long preamble to my actual question - how do I do that?


I can't find any file or script called mod_rewrite anywhere in my account. Do I have to create a new file? How do I do that?



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