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Mt Installs Fine, But I Can't Stay Logged In?

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I posted in the MT forums, but so far, no answer there... was hoping someone would know why I can't stay logged into MT? Tried at work and at home, and yes I have cookies enabled, and I tried with and without checking the "remember me" box, but everytime I go to a new screen I have to log in again.


Any ideas?

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Welcome to the forums, tihea! :)


One thing that cause this issue is logging into MT with one domain but having a different domain set in the CGIPath setting in your mt-config.cgi file. For example, logging into MT with http://my-TCH-domain.com/mt/mt.cgi, but CGIPath in mt-config.cgi is configured with http://www.my-TCH-domain.com/mt/. As far as cookies are concerned, 'my-TCH-domain.com' and 'www.my-TCH-domain.com' are different domains, and cookies set for one domain cannot be read by the other.


If this is indeed the issue, you need to configure CGIPath in mt-config.cgi with the same domain you want to use to log in (use 'www.' in both, or neither).


Hope this helps...

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