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Has Anyone Used Shop-script?

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I'm looking around for a simple freeware PHP shopping cart. So far, the top candidate seems to be shop-script (http://www.shop-script.com). It seems to offer all the features I need and also great look-and-feel customisation via templates. Has anyone used this product on TCH and, if so, how do you feel about it? I played with Agora a bit but didn't like it - it doesn't seem to offer the same customisation options and the fact that it is Perl CGI based rather than PHP puts me off a bit (since my Perl skills are somewhat lacking).


Thanks in advance for any feedback,




Dave Wilson

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I have not used it. I have pretty much stuch to osCommerce or Zen Cart for my cart needs. THere may be others here that have used it though so give it a little longer for an answer.




I discovered some of your posts about osCommerce after posting my original question and looked into it. It looks to be ideal for my application but it has one problem that means I may not be able to use it. I spent an hour or so looking but I could not find any documentation on the page template model. I found loads of design houses selling completed templates but couldn't find out how to edit and create templates myself.


Shop-script (the free version) seems to offer all the facilities I need and uses a standard PHP template model that seems to be pretty well documented. Since this is very important for me (I need the shopping area to use the same templates as the rest of the existing site) and the learning curve looks a lot easier to get over (given that I have found documentation for shop-script but would have to reverse engineer osCommerce), it still looks a better bet. If, however, I find good documentation on developing osCommerce templates, then this would likely swing the balance since osCommerce does support a lot of features that may become useful in future.


Can you offer any pointers?


Thanks again,



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