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Deny Ip Manager

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I put in a help ticket, but I thought I would also ask it here in case anyone else has had this issue.


It seems I have blocked my IP address from my accessing my site. I was looking at the deny IP manager after reading a forum discussion and it seems I had inadvertadly blocked my own IP adress. I can get to the cpanel and I checked the deny IP manager and in the remove field there was the word ALL. This word displayed about 5 times. I removed one of them and they all were removed. I still cannot access the site though, and there are no more entries in the remove field. The funny thing is that only my ip was blocked, other people could access the site.


Is there a lag time for this to take effect after you remove the IP addresses?


Thanks for your help

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The IP numbers you are wanting to ban are not real IP numbers....

...IP banning will have no effect on email...


The IP numbers I used above are only examples. The spamming problems are associated with my phpBB, not email. I'd like to just keep these undesirables completely out of my web sites. Therefore, I want to ban ranges of IP addresses. What would the syntax be for that?

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With PHPBB, do have you tried the odd anti spam fix? One of them involves changing the <FORM> names on signup. Most bots are pre-programmed with the standard ones. Changing this removed nearly all my spam posts on my old phpBB forum


IP banning is rarely ever succesful as all someone has to do is go through a proxy or obtain another address



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I've applied several phpBB mods and still have a spamming problem, albeit diminished. My thought was to apply a multi-tiered approach by banning IPs from the web site as well as the bulletin board. I guess if I can't ban a range of IP addresses, it will be more trouble than performing a daily purge of the member list.


Changing the names of the guestbook addentry and user registration helped. I'll work on a similar mod to the bulletin board.



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