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Installing Moodle


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Before I go out and purchase a dedicated server for moodle I thought I would run a test install on my domain here... However it does not seem to be working. I did everything like it said in the install.php and then said to download the config.php and place it in the home moodle directory. Now it says I will be transferred to http://****/moodle/admin/index.php, which i am, but it is a blank page. in the Installation FAQ for Moodle it says

Check the dirroot variable in config.php. You must use complete, absolute pathnames, eg:


$CFG->dirroot = "d:\inetpub\sites\www.yoursite.com\web\moodle";


This doesn't seem to work either.


Any help would be great

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That config sure looks like a DOS configuration to me. The servers here are Linux operating systems.


So you config line should look more like



Then again I could be way off here.

That is what I would assume also, so I figured it should/would be "/home/your-cpanel-name/public_html/web/moodle" or '/home/your-cpanel-name/public_html/web/moodle' (the latter being what the install.php file output).

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Hi thejerm,


Just stumbled across your post and wasn't sure if you worked it out...


My config.php file for Moodle has the following lines in it:


$CFG->wwwroot = 'http://www.somedomain.com/moodle';

$CFG->dirroot = '/home/somedoma/public_html/moodle';


Make sure that the 'somedoma' bit on the dirroot line is your TCH account name - it may only be the first 8 letters of your domain name.






(Edit: It didn't like displaying my first dummy domain!)

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