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Backing Up A Forum


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I have phpBB forum installed; I installed it from the cPanel. What folders/files would I need to back up in order to have a backup of the forum messages on my hard drive so that I could discontinue a forum but possibly restore it later, with the previously posted messages? Do I just need to backup the folder I created for my bulletin board content - in my case, bboard - when I installed it?

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Besides the backup of the forum folder

go to cpanel > backup

and find

Download a MySQL Database Backup

and click on the database for your forum




The database is where your forum posts are.



Later you can upload the forum folder backup with an ftp program or file-manager to your site

and then go back to cpanel > backup

and find

Restore a MySQL Database

and browse to the database backup on your computer to upload it.

and you should be back in business.

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Thanks for that info. I have downloaded both the forum folder and the MySQL Database Backup. The forum folder was about 1.61MB but the MySQL Database Backup was only 20KB in size. Does that sound right for the MySQL Database Backup?


Edit: I see the cPanel for Backup also has an option for Full Backups. I guess that could have been an alternative procedure, or could be done in conjunction with the above steps, although it would be redundant as far as backing up of the bulletin board content. Does Full Backups include all html files for web pages, etc.? In other words, does it include all files in a website, including the bulletin board installed from cPanel?

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The full backup is not the best for you,

it is generated and stored on your site and takes up a lot of space

and the techs would have to restore it for you.


The home directory backup however

is all your files in a compressed backup

which you can later upload in the same place to restore.


Database backups are compressed so that's is right.

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