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Multipule Urls Redirected To One Url


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Hi! I have a client with a number of URLs all directly releated to his main company which also has it's own URL. He is not a client here yet but hopefully I will be able to bring him in.


His question is if it is possible to redirect his assortement of URLs to his one main site, and what does he need to accomplish this - does he need to purchase a hosting package for each URL in order to have the visitor redirected or is there a way to set this sort of thing up without purchasing separarte hosting packages for each.


I'm not a tech person just a designer so keep your replys simple for me! :clapping: ;)


PS: The other urls do not have any content at all so having to purchase a hosting package for a page with one link is what I would like to avoid if possible.

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Hi Suzen, welcome to the forums!


What you're looking for is called "domain parking", and is completely possible. One would simply create their account with the main domain, then open a help desk ticket and ask the techs to "park" the other domains on the main domain.


Let us know if you have any more questions :clapping:

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