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Blogger.com Error Message


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I have been receiving the following error message when trying to publish a blog post via Blogger.com:


001 java.net.UnknownHostException: ftp.mysite.org


I have not made any changes to either my TCH account, or my Blogger account prior to this error message. I have been using both services (TCH and Blogger) for at least 2 years with no problems up to this point.


Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

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Good job Thomas! :shutup:


Now, can someone please tell me what blogger is? ;)

Blogger is where a lot of people cut their teeth on creating a blog. They have templates and a service that will host the blog. They also have the ability to post the blog to your own domain if you happen to have one.


You don't have to install anything, create any databases or anything else to be able to use it. You just create an account and pick from their templates and start writing. :(

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Hi -


Thanks so much for the info.


I did try the approach of using my ftp IP address, but Blogger is still kicking back an "UnknownHostException" error message. :shutup: I've entered and re-entered my ftp login and password....and I even verified that they are correct by ftp-ing into my account via Internet Explorer and an FTP application.


I googled this problem and read that it might have something to do with my web host blocking server attempts by Blogger. Could this be the case with TCH?


Thanks -



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I spent the past 2 days researching the Unknown Host Exception error, and fiddling with the settings in both Blogger.com and TCH.....and have FINALLY solved the problem.


First of all, I did try inserting the actual IP address, and removing the "ftp://" from the address. However, the problem was on the TCH side and not in my Blogger settings. For some reason, TCH suddenly stopped allowing me to publish new Blogger posts via FTP. For the past year, I have been posting through Blogger using my TCH username and password. This is the exact same username and password that I enter when using an FTP client or IE. However, all of a sudden, this login info didn't work anymore for some reason. So, I had to go into cPanel, create a whole new FTP account, and then update my Blogger settings with the new FTP login/password.


I have no idea why the TCH account would suddenly see a difference between FTP login via Blogger versus FTP login via Internet Explorer.


Anyways, I wanted to post info on how I solved this issue in case other TCH members run into the same problem. I did submit a ticket to TCH Support, but I didn't get much response because they don't support 3rd party apps (*shrug*).

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Thanks for the update but you should have created a separate FTP account for your blog publishing anyway. Leaving your cpanel access information out there for someone else to possibly gleen is just asking for trouble.


When you create an FTP account you can limit the access for that account to just one folder and anything below it. Using your cpanel login information they can totally wipe your site out because they would have full access to your site.


Just a warning to anyone else that may be using Blogger and FTPing to their domain here at TCH.

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