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Important - Your Domain Name Renewal

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All customers should be aware that their domain name is a very important part of making their hosting plans work properly. Without your domain name, your hosting will serve little purpose.


Therefore you must keep a close eye on this valuable asset that you have.


Recently we have been seeing a few complaints from customers about their domain name expiring and not being able to access it, or the cost for renewal. Please understand it is your responsibility to keep your account for your domain name current AND your information (especially your e-mail address) accurate. You will not receive a phone call that your domain name is about to expire, any more than you will if your hosting account is not being paid. All communications for this happens through e-mail and you will receive multiple attempts.


You must also understand that your domain name purchase and information are completely separate from your hosting. Separate account information, separate control panels, separate IDs and password, separate support contacts. Therefore it is very important that you keep both your hosting account AND your domain name account updated and current.


The policies on domain name renewals are clearly spelled out and available for anyone to read as they walk through the sign-up process.


If you are concerned that you might miss renewing your domain name, an extra precaution you can take is to set it to "auto renew". Although there is no guarantee that it will auto renew (credit cards sometimes fail or expire) it does make management of your domain name easier. You still need to keep your information current with your domain name, in case something does go wrong.




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I purchased my domain at the same time I signed up with TCH a year ago. The domain was just renewed last week. Prior to that I received a 90 day (email) notice to renew the domain and then a 60 day then a 30 day etc...


So in my case things worked out good.



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I have the current domain for 4 years, registered with TCH and NEVER received and email remainding me to renew it!

Atually the first year I was expecting an email ..wich never came and my account dissapeared for almost one wee!

I fopund out acidentally becose I was on vacation and acidentally used a PC and!!!! No site! No mail!

I had to contact TCH and ask what happend!!!

Actually my domain is overdue in 3 days from today and I had to write TCH twice before receiving an answer!

Why can I not renew my OWN domain myself?

And why on WHOIS is not my name listed but TCH????

I want to be able to renew MY domain by MYSELF!

How can I do this?

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Hi Massi,


If you are not receiving any emails with regard to the domain name, it sounds as if either the email address we hold is incorrect, or the emails are getting caught in your spam filter.


Please let us know your domain name, and I'll point you in the right direction.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I've received all the Emails, like the gent above this post (or a couple above). The 90 day, then the 60 day.

I was in the process of renewing the domain name (no prob there...know how to do it).


Figured I'd renew the hosting at the same time, as I purchased them at the same time. How do I renew my hosting here with TCH? Is there a renew option, or is it simply just purchasing a new package and tie the domain to it?



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The hosting should be renewed automatically ( assuming the payment details we have for you are still valid).


If you want to check, change the renewals or anything, please open a ticket at the help desk ( link at the top of the page ) and ask the billing department.

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  • 7 months later...

I lost my domain name because my email address on file was incorrect. I didn't receive the notices and someone bought my domain name and is holding it hostage in Russia. My fault? I think not. I have tried numerous times to change my email address and although it indicates it has been changed, it hasn't. I know this because subsequent to changing it, the next time I go in it's back to the old email (that is if I can get in. I usually have to go through support to go through new hoops to access my account). It isn't my fault that the system/company TCH uses to manage accounts is flawed.


You say reminders are sent by email. Okay, why weren't my renewal notices sent to my secondary email on file when the other email address used returned no response? What is the point of having a secondary email address, a snail mail address and phone number information in my account if it serves no purpose and won't be used?


On top of all that, I had renewed my hosting for the domain just weeks previous to it being released for sale. What? Doesn't anyone handling these accounts have any common sense? I renewed the hosting but decided to let the domain name lapse? Good grief.


I am STILL having issues trying to access my account. Each time I try to update my email and/or password, I get locked out. This is absolutely intolerable.


I have had no problems with TCH regarding managing my website on the servers. I have been very satisfied with the service. I have also been very satisfied with your help desk, technical and clerical. It's the company you have managing your customer accounts that really needs to be addressed.



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Hi Marlene,


First of all I am sorry for your problems.


The problem right now as I see it is that the support ie the people you need to discuss this with are other people than those you normally contact when you submit tickets regarding your hosting account and also, they are not reading this forum.


The best you can do at this point is to contact the domain support. There are various ways to do this at this page.


I will also try see to that one of the staff people will have a look at your post and reply here if they have any ideas on what can be done or other input.

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I was thinking about what you said regarding "other input" in this matter. My suggestion would be to cut the email service of the domain on the date of expiration. That should get the attention of the domain owner shortly afterwards and then will (hopefully) investigate the "problem". Then the owner would find out that the domain needs to be renewed, should the auto renewal not be activated and/or human memory fails.


My email stopped on the day my domain went up for auction and subsequently sold. If it was cut off on the day of expiration, with the generous grace period, I could have kept my domain.



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