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Wordpress + Post By Mail


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I tried this on a test blog and it works as advertised.


1. Create an email account to post to in your domain

2. Edit Wordpress to use the email address you want it to read

3. You must run the wp-mail.php file in your Wordpress install folder to have it capture the email from the account. (this can be set up to run in Cron periodically after you get it to pull in the email running it manually).


One thing I found out is the body of the email will not be captured unless the email is sent in plain text format.


You might want to read this Wordpress Wiki post

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Running the cron every other minute is excessive. I would suggest setting it to run every 10 or 15 minutes instead.


The wget and get commands are disabled on the server for security reasons. You should be able to run the script using php -q /home/yourcpanelusername/public_html/wordpress/wp-mail.php.

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That cron job won't work because "wget" and "get" have been disabled for security purposes. Your cron job should look like this.


>/usr/bin/php -q /home/your-cpanel-name/public_html/wordpress/wp-mail.php


Change your-cpanel-name to your actual cpanel name. Also this relies on your blog being in a folder called "wordpress".


Edit: Rob, Rick was quicker than me! :xmas:

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