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Firefox No Longer Directs To My Site


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Hi all,

I am using firefox 1.0.7 and up until a few days ago I could type in the address bar "mydomain" and then enter and it would go to my site. Now, however, I must put the .com at the end of the domain name. if I don't, it take you to this baseball site



Is firefox now doing some sort of search lookup for "mydomain" and since there is no .com , it is somehow doing a search and displaying the #1 return's site?

I had always thought Firefox had gotten rid of the "www" and If I typed no extention it would assume to be a .com address. I hope I have explained my question and any coments would be appreciated.

Thanks, youneverknow (.com?) :yes:

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If you type your domain name, and press CTRL-Enter, it should take you to your site.


Perhaps, your domain used to be the first returned by google, and now something else has moved into its place. So, while it seemed like FireFox was just putting .com on it for you, it was really just directing you to the first in its search results.

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I had always thought Firefox had gotten rid of the "www"
I don't know about the search feature for unrecognized sites, mostly because I don't trust them :) but the www part is because of how our sites are set up here. Basically, our site lives at "yourTCHdomain.com" for instance and we have a subdomain set up as "www.yourTCHdomain.com" but it is just a pointer to our real site. (For Unix gurus it's a link.) This means that whichever they type, with or without the www, they get the same pages.


"Pretty sneaky sis!"


Hopefully someone else uses the completion/site-search features and can answer the other part of your question.

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Exactly. Carbonize is right. If you put something that is not an URL (i.e., not in the form www.domain.com) into Firefox's address bar, it will take you to the first result of the result set you would get from searching Google with the words you entered in the address bar.


Give it a try: write something in the address bar, press enter and see where it takes you. Then go to Google, search for the same words and see what's the first result.


So basically, as nortk said, searching for the name of your domain without the ".com" part used to return your site in the first place but not anymore. If I search for "youneverknow", the first link takes me to "Joaquin Andujar Statistics - Baseball-Reference.com". Is that what you're getting?


EDIT: yes, that's what you're getting, I just re-read your post :)

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Works for me though because I'm number one on Google if you search for Carbonize and have been for a few years now :)


I'm also first for a search for Yahoo archive reader which was a program I once wrote and made a page for it partly for people to download from but also as an exercise in SEO.

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