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I have an account thru Beth@bweiss.com, and she told me about getting listed to the family to get my site listed in the search engines.


I am just getting started, and would appreciate any help that you can offer, thanks!

Karl Kugler




Please include:


1. Your URL e.g. www.MySite.com (please make it a link, you know click the http:// button up above)





2. The name of your site.


Evolution Cycles


3. Give a brief description of your site (approximately 75 characters max.).


A site for selling accessories for BMW motorcycles.


4. Please acknowledge that you have a link back to TotalChoice Hosting (required) click for adding a link to TCH


Yes, it is on the bottom of the homepage.



Rank Evaluation (please) ;)




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SEO thoughts:


Not in Google index ;)


Karl, your site has a lot of potential (sales) but people must be able to find it. You have not incorporated any SEO techniques that have been described here.


I would strongly recommend you read all the pinned threads in the Web Site Promotion Forum.


Also, read Search Engine Optimization - An Overview, link found on the main SEO page.


Read these over and then come back with any questions.


Good luck.

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