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I have a BB for my main site, but I'm interested in setting up a BB for use on a subdomain where I could work with students from my child's school interested in pursuing a writing career. I don't want them on my current BB because of the child protective issues, given that topics on my BB could veer off into unacceptable topics.


I thought I could set up a BB on the subdomain, but it doesn't look like the control panel will allow me to do that. Am I way off base here? Is it not possible to install a BB on the subdomain to keep it separate from my main BB where adults post?


Any help, as always, is appreciated.




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I've been in a similar situation. If you are willing, TCH-Bruce's suggestion is best, manually installing the software.


However, if you want to do it all with CPanel, here's something I've tried, and it's worked, but your mileage may vary.


1. BEFORE you set up the subdomain, install the bb into a folder you intend to have as your subdomain.

2. Once up and running, rename that folder to something temporary.

3. Set up the subdomain using the same name.

4. Delete the folder that was automatically set up when you created the subdomain.

5. Rename the bb folder back to the subdomain name.

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Manually installing a script is always recommended given cPanels recent history of messing scripts up. It is easy to manually install a script and if you are not to sure about making databases etc then just get the database information from your current BB and use that when installing the new one. If it's the same script then remember to specify a different prefix to the forum tables. Most scripts let you do that when installing.

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