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Yeah, had me scratching my head when it happened to me. From what I know or have seen it happens when you originate the first note and then try to reply to it before any others replies to it. But I didn't do in depth testing to find out all I could about its full behavior.


Alpha and Beta testing...boy its been awhile. I was pretty good at it back in the day :angry:

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Yeah, I see you've change the forums.


Now my original link doesn't work. I had this URL saved and it doesn't work now.



I get this error

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: skin_global_9 in /home/total/public_html/forums/sources/ipsclass.php on line 1329


hmmm, never mind...its working now.


I tried 3 times and closed out the browser and started a new one an got the same error. But I wrote the above note and tried agian and its working...Oh well. Ignore me :angry:


darn bug is still here and its not on just the original as I thought. Last not was a reply (as this is)

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