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E-mail Piping For Double Opt-in E-mail List

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I am trying to create a double-opt in e-mail list so that when people want to join my list they go through the following process:


1. Enter their e-mail on my site.

2. A script sends them an e-mail syaing something like: "if you really want to joing this list press reply"

3. If they reply to this e-mail their e-mail address is added to my list.


I understand that the way to do this is via e-mail piping, i.e. I arrange for their 'opt-in' e-mail to go a specific address, e.g optin@****. Somehow I create a script that 'intercepts' this email and 'pipes' it to a script for validation and adding to a MySQL database.


My questions is, how do I 'pipe' the e-mail, addressed to one specific address, to a script? I will still need to POP other emails (e.e martyn@****) using my e-mail client.

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Thanks for the welcomes.

I will check out DADA Mail.

I did a a little experimenting and the answer to the question is to, in CPANEL, set up an e-mail forward to

"| php -q /path/to/public_html/emailpipe.php"

where emailpipe.php is the script you want to run.

If you are not sure about the path, take a look at one of the .htaccess files and you should see it there.

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