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Andy Rocks

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It's been awhile since I was in here... Just wanted to give a big shout-out for Andy.


My site was having access problems for about 10 hours, and I couldn't figure out why. Basically, I was shooting in the dark in regards to trying to figure out what the problem was.


Andy found that a certain included PHP script was timing out on my site. I went in and found three specific lines that were causing the holdup. It didn't make sense, because they were three eregi_replace() lines consecutively that had worked for the last, oh, three years.


Thus, he suggested that the problem may lie in it those functions were being passed a gigantic string. Well, it just so happens that those three lines targetted \r\n, \r and \n in order. And there was a new post on the blog on my site that had a massive number of newlines.


Kudos to the man, Andy. The other side of the pond knows how to think outside the box.


I'll go crawl back into my hole now. :thumbup1:

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I had a similar problem like that. I use the str_replace(); function to filter out certain words on a chatroom page of my site. I decided to change them to eregi_replace(); but it just timed out everytime. I still don't see what the problem was, but it's not too big of a deal to me. :P


Anyways, I agree with you. TCH has been very reliable, and they have helped me with everything I've ever needed. I am really glad that I chose them as my host, and I hope to stick around for years to come. :)

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