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I'm always on the go nowadays, and I've been using my PDA phone (Windows Mobile 2003) to access my email by webmail. Horde does't work on Pocket IE, and even if it did, the UI is way too complex for easy emailing on a PDA (and with the masses of Login Failed errors, it'd be seriously annoying to use). So I've been using Neomail -- loads instantly, and clean, simple interface for reading and sending emails.


I know Neomail links in Cpanel were taken down a while ago, but I've had a redirect set up for a few years now that I just use for the PDA now (Horde on PC). But a few days ago, that stopped working -- I guess Neomail is fully gone now?


Is there some way I could get access to Neomail? Because now I can't access my mail remotely...


Oh yeah, I'm on Server 23 -- techautos.com.

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Well the reason I'm not using POP3 on my desktop (Outlook) or PDA is that I can't do anything but read the inbox and send mail - I can't access my folders - saved, sent mail, etc.


Through Neomail I was able to do that with a simple interface. Now I'm stuck using Horde through Mini Mozilla, which takes at least 5x the time it took me to do stuff w/ Neomail/IE. Plus the frames minimize actual viewing area for emails.


Bandwidth's not a concern really - I'm on unlimited BW from T-Mobile.

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