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Awstats Wordpress Plugin


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I'm trying to set up this script:




so that I can have it work with my sites stats like this site does:




The script inclused these lines:


>// Change these two lines if the default values do not work
$awstats_dir = '/var/lib/awstats';
$awstats_site = awstats_getsite(get_settings('siteurl'));


What should these variables be set to?



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I have a Wordpress 1.5 blog up on my other account and I was able to install this plugin clean with no modification to the .php file, ie it still reads:


$awstats_dir = '/var/lib/awstats';

$awstats_site = awstats_getsite(get_settings('siteurl'));


i dont know if this is important info, but I am adding it since it might be worth considering for whoever can help me...:-)


the original code included with the plugin didnt work for my wp 2.0 blog, though, so I tried this :


$awstats_dir = '/home/*********/tmp/awstats';

$awstats_site = awstats_getsite(get_settings('siteurl'));


and it wont work either. Ill throw in a gratuitious smiley for good measure! :)



Edit: TCH-Bruce - removed user identifying information, please don't post your user ID info in the forums

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Stop the presses!!! Im back with more information that could possibly be useful...!


I used to have a different domain hosted at this account. My former domain still has awstats files in my awstats folder...could this be confusing the plugin..? If so, should I just delete the files which have my old domain name as part of the filenames?

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