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Auto Delete Spam Assassin Email

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I have Spam Assassin enabled, and it correctly adds *****SPAM**** to each identified email. What I would like, though, is to move these emails automatically to either another Folder on the web side, or into the Trash Bin.


The reason is that if the user connects to their web mail via a cell phone, they are downloading all the spam mail as well as the good mail.


So, I said: "No problem! I'll just go into the Horde, and define a filter rule to move any spammed messages into the trash bin." Problem is -- the filter/rule only works if you log in and access the Horde web mail via a browser. It does not appear to work as an automatic background service.


I suppose I could create a rule on the cell phone to ignore any email containing *****SPAM***** in the Subject line, but doing it from the web sitde would be easier, and cleaner.


Any ideas????



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You could probably do something with Procmail, which I'm sure is installed on the servers. You may have to create a .forward file to use it.


I use it and SpamAssassin on my home machine (because I aggregate mail from a number of accounts). You only need one rule in your .procmailrc file to catch spam then:

* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes

I put my spam in the "caughtspam" folder just in case I get some false positives, which I do get maybe once a month or so (and that's usually because they're mass mailings that I happened to have requested). You could just send it to /dev/null if you wanted. :(

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