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Over the course of having my website, I've tried out a few different CMSs for a homepage to my website.


I've used a few, but am yet to find one a really like. I've checked out mambo, php-nuke, and something else which the name escapes me.


So what is everyone elses opinion?


(I also noticed Invision Power is comming out with a CMS, cant wait to see that :) )

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If you have some PHP knowledge, I seriously recommend Drupal. I've been using it a lot and I'm still amazed at how well thought out the whole thing is. At first, some things seem not to make sense but when you start using it, you see that's really the most logical way of doing those things. It's not the easiest or friendliest CMS to use but it sure is one of the most powerfull I've seen.


As for websites with reviews, Bruce already pointed a good one. I'll suggest another one: cmsmatrix.org. I prefer this one because it lets you pick a few CMSs and it presents you with a table comparing the CMSs you picked. Pretty handy.


Good luck!

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The page informed by Raul is very good even, but lamentable will utilize the version of the 6 Phpnuke (9/25/2002) for comparison.

For example already we have version 7.6 , 7.7 , 7.8 , 7.9

Someone can inform would be done a lot difference in the comparison if the Phpnuke went more new ?


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