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View Webmail For All Accounts On Your Site!

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Gosh, either I'm slow, or perhaps this feature was part of the recent CPanel 6.x upgrade, but I just discovered that if you login to your website's web mail using your admin account, and click on folders, that you can view all user account's mail boxes.


Obviously, you want to be careful about this -- but, boy, this is a life saver for me, as I manage most of my customer's email accounts. Now instead of having to logon as each user I can access and view it all from one signon!



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Yep, been there for a long time. :) And it is VERY handy for those trying to help manage multiple users' mail accounts.


Please note this feature is available in Horde, not Neomail. The folders will also show you the Neomail mailbox contents, too though.

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