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I've just started hosting my web site with *****. I need as much information as I can find on all the directories that are present in my web space.


First of all, inside public_html, I have the _vti* directories? I think these are for FrontPage support. If have no intention of using FrontPage can I safely delete these? Can I delete _vti_inf.html too? If I ever change my mind in the future and wish to start using FrontPage again (unlikely), can these directories and files be recreated? I also have the following folders: cart, entropybanner, images plus the file postinfo.html. I guess that these must have been auto-generated when I was playing around with some of the features on Cpanel. Can I delete these if I don't want to use these features right now and just have Cpanel regenerate them in the future?


In the root of my ftp account there are tmp and catalogs folders? What are these for and can I delete them too?


I will be grateful for any help or advice on this matter.


Thanks, Richard.

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I can't speak of all of the folder that you mention (just cuz I dunno), but with regards to the Frontpage support:


Instead of deleting the individual components and guessing as to what they are, do this instead. Access your cPanel and on the right side, under the group Site Management, there is an option of Frontpage Exentions. Click that, then click UnInstall Extensions.


Much easier, huh? In the future if you do want them back, go to the same place and click Install instead.


You'll notice that the postinfo.html page is now gone as well as all those _vti* directories.


Most of the other directories are probably the result of having played with cPanel options. If it is something (a feature) that you are not intending to use at this time, I don't see a big risk in deleting the directory. HOWEVER, just to be on the safe side, you can backup your site before doing so:


In cPanel, again under Site Management, click Backup. Click "Download Today's Home Backup". You will then pick a place on your harddrive to store the backup and it will be there incase you do a goof on the deletion stuff.


***Backup is ALWAYS a good idea, regularly and before making major changes that you're unsure of!***



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You are welcome. Glad it worked out ok.


While we don't mind what type of content you place on your site, could we ask that you use an "edited" version of your avatar? Please understand that many prospective hosting clients also visit this board, as you may have, and we'd like to portray a professionalism here. Thanks.



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I agree.


We have no issues with content on web sites, as long as they fall within the guidelines of the TOS and AUP.


However, I find opiumtrails avatar to be tasteless and not proper for this type of forum.


Sorry opiumtrial its gotta go.



Head Guru



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