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Good Idea?

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If you are asking my thoughts?


I can not stand pop-ups :) .... I would not use this service.


All the numbers are there, banner ads, pop-ups, etc. do not work (e.g. poor ROI, return on investment). How many banner ads pop-up ads have you clicked?


This style of marketing is 'traditional' moved onto the Internet, but the Internet is a very different medium,

.... read (or re-read Internet Marketing: Have things changed?


The best traffic builder (by far) is top search engine rankings resulting from ideal keyword phrases. This is truly a no-brainer, think about it.....


How many times do you search and what pages you do land on?


For commercial sites, nothing compares to being on top... nothing!


[Does that sound like a SEO Program Director talking or what? :lol: ]

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Mr. Bill,


Commonly in my house, that is referred to as a blatant hijacking! My peaves about this:


1. While the string is active, I can't do one blasted thing on my pc! It's MY pc. I paid for it. I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it and have every right to that!


2. They are stealing my precious, high priced bandwidth! Again, I paid for it and I get to choose how it is utilized, not the ads!


3. The ads that are typically in these things usually fire off a sequence of blocks by AdAware! Not only do they steal my pc processor and my bandwidth, but then they go put cr@p on my machine that I never gave permission to get downloaded or dropped on. Spyware or dataminers galore and it's nobody's business but my own! (Yep, this one really erks me! :) )


4. A good place to hid autodialer viruses, so AVG usually fires off, too!


All in all, by the time that string has finally ceased, and I have cleaned my machine to the point were I'm feeling safe again, I've just spent about an hour of time that I don't get paid for (yes, it happens at work sometimes).


Bottom line, I have a list of sites that I refuse to go to because I've been *hijacked* by the ad-string. Please don't let me add your site to that list? :(


*Off soapbox*

Thanks for listening.

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