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Please add me too Daydreamer's Designs


Description: Mouse drawn country graphics using Paint Shop Pro 7, websets, PSP Tubes, gradients, preset shapes, brushes, tutorials, adoptions, blinkies and dollz. I also have a forum for Website help. Links to my family and genealogy sites.


Of course I have links back to TCH :)


(Rank Evaluation, please) :D




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Charlotte, I added your site. I put it under 'Nonprofit and Informational Sites'. Ok?


You have a TotalChoice hosting graphics link on your home page, a text link would be much preferred :D ('web hosting by TotalChoice web hosting' is ideal wording)


You also have a text link on your main page; this opens in your central frame. I think it would be better if it opened in a blank window.


SEO thoughts:


You are in Google :) ; you could use more backlinks :D


I always like to preface my thoughts with: remember this is strictly with regard to SEO, meaning that some comments may not be appropriate for the visual experience you are trying to create.


Having said that, here we go:


I would not have your opening page... make your main page your home page. This one suggestion is the one change that would affect your rank the most.


Do not use Extreme Tracking... AWStats in Cpanel gives you nice stats. This will also get rid of an external link.


Your site would be a little difficult to optimize for the search engines because it deals with different and unrelated topics. The first step would be Keyword Analysis.... What would be the best keyword phrase(s) for your site?


Having said that, I am not sure how 'critical' it would be for you to obtain high rankings, although many would love your tutorials.


You have developed into a nice graphical artist.... :D

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Thank you... :D OOPS on the TCH link opening in the IFrame... I'll fix that and I think I'll take your advice and get rid of the opening page and change my main page to index.html :D *I've been thinking of doing that anyway, just haven't gotten around to it* :) So, in doing that, I will be getting rid of Extreme Tracking too.


Thanks for your pointers... They are very much welcome :D


TCH Rocks

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