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Phpbb Log In Problem


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Hi folks, newbie here with a phpBB question...


I've just added a phpBB bulletin board to my site through the cPanel. While testing it, I've noticed that when trying to log in, the first attempt doesn't show the UserID as logged in the upper right of the screen, but a second attempt at logging in works. (I've found that if you use the "Remember Me" option, it log ins correctlt right when you go to the boards)


My entirely un-educated quess leads me to think that it might be a cookies issue. On the cookies setting on the phpBB General Configuration panel the "Cookies Secure" setting is "disabled" and I haven't put anything in either the Cookie domain or cookie path fields.


Any thoughts?




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Wow! Thanks for the "Gang Welcome!"


So I enabled cookies last night, but didn't specify a path. (I didn't think about asking about that until after I had enabled the cookies and then posted my follow up question to Don)


Now, as I'm trying to Log in and goto the admin controls, I got a security certificate warning and then a HTTP 404 - File not found error.


Have I royally screwed something up?


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