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1. Your URL e.g. www.MySite.com (please make it a link, you know click the http:// button up above)


2. The name of your site.

Okinawa Resource Organization


3. Give a brief description of your site (approximately 75 characters max.).
Offers activities, exercises, lesson plans and visual aids for Teaching English as a Second Language on Okinawa. Also includes an educational section on the Okinawan Sanshin, forum, link, about ORO, community outreach and contact sections.


4. Please acknowledge that you have a link back to TotalChoice Hosting (required) click for adding a link to TCH

Graphical Proof that I support and appreciate your service! For actual proof, please visit the page.


Optional If you would like a 'Search Engine Rank Evaluation' (this will be a brief look at your site followed by a brief evaluation; my two cents, time permitting; may be only fractional cents  ).

'Search Engine Rank Evaluation,' please.




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You have been added :)


SEO thoughts:


My top recommendation for you would be to add an Admin's Notes page and move all the notes there. In their place, expand your welcome page. Make a header with the words Okinawa Resource, and then fill in with your welcome text.


If it fits, change the name on your links from ORO to Okinawa Resource (e.g. ORO Site Map to Okinawa Resource Site Map).


Every other instances that you use ORO in your text change to Okinawa Resource.


These are three biggies that will make a very big difference.


Good luck.

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