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Suggestion For Email Crashes

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I am not a computer expert, so this comment might sound ridiculous to many, but can emails be redirected to some other server were they could be access maybe by webmail ?


I can live without our website offline for a couple of hours, even a day :tchrocks: , but not without emails.

Emails are our primary method of communication with our clients.


I understand that the tech department is doing everything they can to solve this problems and we appreciate their effort, specially in keeping us up to date in the situation. This really makes a difference with TCH.


Oso G.

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You can either use the email auto-forwarding feature in cPanel (it's under mail), this will forward your emails to another server, however, I don't think this will help in case of downtime.


Another option is hosting your email on another server, you can do so by changing MX entries for your domain(s) (also under mail in cPanel).

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