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Pointing Domain To A Specific Directory

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Hi everyone.


If there's a help page somewhere on TCH that answers this question, then apologies for asking it here...


I have two domains I bought from GoDaddy, both of which currently are mapped to websites elsewhere.


What I want to do is to map each one to two specific directories on my TCH site. So rather than have URLs like www.mysite/directory/directory, I'd be able to use www.mappeddomain.com.


Can I do that? GoDaddy's help system is easy to follow on setting up domain mapping, si I guess my question here is what do I need to do on my TCH site to make this happen?


Thanks for your advice!

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If you have a resellers account yes

but for a normal account no.

See the AUP


Your sub-domains are allowed to be used for any legal purpose.

You may not sell the sub-domain space to others,

nor may you point other domain names to your sub-folders.

That means you cannot point another domain name to folder or file or sub-domain

in a regular account.

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Greetings neville. To do what you are inquiring about, you would need a reseller account, as TCH allows only one domain per standard account (unless the other domains point to the same directory as the main domain does, called "parking"). But to do what you are referring to, as I mentioned, you need a reseller account.

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Thanks, both of you, for your helpful replies.


Ok, so I'd like to be sure I wholly understand this.


Here's the thing.


I have a domain (www.nevon.net) that's currently mapped to my blog on TypePad. So if you type that address, you'll get to the blog (real address: nevon.typepad.com) but everything there - permalinks, comments, trackbacks, etc - will show the mapped address. Both work, in fact.


So I'm setting up a blog here at TCH. I'm currently running an experiment with Movable Type and WordPress to see which platform I want to use.


I have two experimental blogs: www.tle.us.com/weblogs/nevon (MT) and www.tle.us.com/weblogs/nevon2wp (WP).


One of these will be the platform I'll use for my blog development. So for one of those addresses, I'd want to use www.nevon.net.


If I understand your replies, I can't unless I buy a TCH Reseller account. Do I understand it right?


Thanks for your help!

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Actually, I have a further thought about this.


If I can't point a domain at a directory, then I guess the simplest thing to do would be to point my domain at my primary address. So www.tle.us.com would become www.nevon.net. Would that be right?


I could see that as a good solution, in fact, which fits with some of my development plans for how I want to use my domain name.


Or if I transferred the www.nevon.net domain from GoDaddy and parked it here, would that give me some flexibility? Then there's domain forwarding here. Does this give me any options?


Am I asking the right questions?


Sorry for the newbie-ness of my questions... Thanks for your help.

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Just to be clear

You can open a help desk ticket to have a second domain name parked on top of your account

It will resolve to your account (the public_html folder) but retain its own domain name

But it cannot be redirected to a folder or sub-domain or file.

For that you need a reseller account or purchase another account.


Please understand this rule is for the over all performance of the server.

If multiple sites were allowed, there are some that would take advantage of this and resell sub accounts to all their friends and it would result in an over loaded server.

I left a host that allowed this and it was an awful mess.

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