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Creating "groups" In Addressbook?


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Are you referring to your email address book?

If so, I have been told it is not polite to group email,

as it reveals the email address of each recipient to all in the group.


If you are refering to another method, can you give more details?


I use a free program to send individual emails to a member list.

I can give you a link if that is what you want. :(

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Guest Robert

I am looking to send the same email out to a large group. From other programs I have used I set a group then put all addresses in group in "BCC" line so they do not get a long list of email addresses, send one to myself in the "to" line. I do not want to have to type them all in, I could set the list somewhere else and copy and paste to the "BCC" line if there is no other way. The program you mentioned to send individual emails to a list may be what I need. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

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If you are using Outlook Express..

  • Open your address book
  • Click New.. then New Group
  • Give the group a name
  • Then add the email addresses you want in the group

And if I remember correctly, if you do not put an address in the To: field it will come up as "Undisclosed Receipent" or something like that :(

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There is a problem with BCC

both AOL and CS filter it out, so it will not get through.


The program I use for a small list is Group Mail Free.

There is also a pro version.

There are three tabs, edit the message, group manager, sent messages.

The free version will send up to 100 address in a time. You could save 100 in each group and then, send the email to group 1 then group 2.....

It has mail merge, and will import your outlook address book. You can move/copy from one group to another.

You can set it up to pause for 5 seconds after every 25 sends if your ISP limits the number of sends at once.


It saves the emails you create, so you could modify them later to reuse.

There is a test mode to preview in outlook.

The best part is that each email is seperate and from you.


just remember that the list should be for address that want the email, or your ISP may consider it spam, if they complain.

For my member list, it is perfect.

Hope this Helps

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