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The Difference With "www" And Without The "www"


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just wondering if anyone here knows why http://www.madewith.com would resolved any different than http://madewith.com (without the www)?


The problem i am having is that I am setting up google adsense on my site and when you goto http://www.madewith.com my adsense blocks show only google PSA ads (which are just place holders for google) which i don't want.. but if you goto the site by typing http://www.madewith.com (without the www) i get the good text ads that i want.


The problem is only on the homepage.. on the rest of the stie the ads work perfect with or without the www.


any clues?


*seprate question.. how do i get a password for the "TCH Family Only" forum page


thanks in advance



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I don't remember the details because it was quite awhile ago that I did Adsense, but it has to do with the settings at Google. Go into your account at Google and see if there's not a place where you put your site without the www and see if you can add it with www's.

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