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I have just set up a client on TotalChoice and set up their Horde Mail in cpanel.


Unfortunately, I didn't realize they had a great deal of email stored in their Horde mail on their previous server.


Is there a way thru cpanel or some other way to move all of the email off their old server onto the new server? I can still access their old server thru the IP address and so can access their email. I thought about trying to forward all of the emails, but that has to be done individually, and there are alot of them.


Could support through a help ticket be able to assist?

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The only thing I can think of is if the person is having cpanel on the other host, then you could do a home backup and then restore it on the new location, but I am not sure if there is a better way.



Would the home backup take more than the Horde mail? I wouldn't want to restore anything else, as the site is totally re-designed.

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Just to follow-up in case anyone else needs a solution to this issue:


Using my FTP program, I logged into the old server and found the mail directory. I copied it in its entirely to my local computer.


On the TCH server, I set up the needed individual email user/passwords, which created the user folders under the mail folder.


I then used my FTP program, logged into the TCH server, found the mail directory, and selectively brought everything over as needed into the correct folders.


If any of the new TCH email user inboxes had already received any email before bringing over the old inbox file, I re-named the file on my computer to inbox-old-server. That way it did not overwrite the new inbox which had a few emails already in it when I uploaded it. The client still has access to his old emails this way.


Thanks all for your suggestions and help.

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