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Any Plans To Change Register_globals

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Just wondering whether or not there are any plans to either turn register_globals off or upgrade PHP to a version that doesn't allow them to be on in the forseeable future?


I'm just about to start work on a massive osCommerce based project (basically our own "loaded" version of it that we'll use as a starting point for stores that we develop) and even although osCommerce MS3 is due out any time now, it needs to be based on MS2 for the next year or so.


My concern is that I'll build the store system based on register_globals being on and then a few months down the line suddenly find that all my clients stores need updating (there is an osC contribution that allows it to run with register_globals off, but installing it on a lot of heavily modified sites would be an impossibly big task) because something has changed at TCH.


Can any of the team give me an indication as to how long the ability to have register_globals on is likely to remain?


Many thanks :)



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You can add

php_flag register_globals off

to your .htaccess file to turn off Register_globals in your account.


Thanks Don, was aware of that but I'm being a bit lazy really. I've got over 60 or 70 modules to add to osCommerce, and although I could turn off register_globals (and therefore not risk problems later on should things change) it means making modifications to almost every file of each of those modules.


I'd much rather leave it the way it is with globals on, but want to assess how likely it is that TCH will change policy later on causing me even more work.



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Sorry I meant you could use that method to turn the globals on or off for your site.

So if you put that in your .htaccess file to turn them on in your main or shopping folder

then it would not matter later if things change on the server.

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