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I just wanted to give a thumbs up for the mailing list in CPanel. I just made one for my PSP Tubes page and I'm floored. It's comparable to Yahoogroups in that a user can choose No Mail, Digest, there are email archives. All you have to do is add a link to your page and clicking on it will take the user to a page to sign up. My old host had a mailing list too, but it was cheezy. You had to have the user send you a username and password. There were no archives.. no choice of mail delivery... I'm in heaven :D LOL


At my other host, I was paying $8.95 a month for not much of anything except for a Plesk based panel. If you wanted to add a message board, you had to ask for permission. If you wanted a subdomain, you had to fill out a support ticket and ask them to do it.


All I can say is... TCH Rocks



Daydreamer's Designs

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