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Shared Ip's Bad?


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I thought I was going to stay off this forum for a few days... but I had to ask this question.


Here's a quote I found at



Reason #9: Your Web page does not have unique IP address.


Does your Web site has a unique IP address? If not, your Web site is running the risk of getting banned from the search engines.


Human beings use domain names like yahoo.com, but network computers use IP addresses, which are numeric addresses written as four numbers, separated by periods.


Every domain name translates to a so-called IP address. For example, yahoo.com is translated to "". Just enter "" in your Web browser and you'll go to www.yahoo.com.


Many Web hosting services don't give out unique IP addresses to their customers to save money. They assign the same IP address to multiple domain names. This means that several hundred Web sites could all be using the same IP address as your site does.


There are 3 reasons why you need a unique IP address:


If you're sharing an IP address with 50 other sites, you're trusting them not to over-submit or spam the search engines. When a search engine blocks an IP address, all the sites that are sharing that IP address are blocked. You could wind up being banned from the search engine.



If the server or the search engine spider software is misconfigured, the search engine spider may end up obtaining a Web page from another domain with the same IP address. This may mean that the other Web site gets indexed instead of yours, or your Web site will be found for the keywords which are applicable to the other site.



Rumor has it that having your own unique IP address may help your search engine ranking.

So when you select a Web hosting service, make sure that your domain name has a unique IP address, even if it means that you have to pay a bit more for your hosting.


Are you sharing an IP address with people you don't even know? Here's a way to test it yourself:


Go to " http://www.eamnesia.com/hostinfo/i.jhtml " and enter your domain name (for example, yahoo.com).


(If this URL doesn't work anymore, go to " http://www.name-space.com/search/ " and enter your domain name in the nslookup field.)



The result page shows you what IP address your site resolves to (for example,

Copy the IP address to the clipboard.



Open a new window in your Web browser, enter the IP address (for example, ) and hit Return.



If your Web site appears, you have your own IP address. If another Web site or an error message appears, you probably share the IP address with others.

If you are unsure, ask your Web hosting service company if your Web site has its own IP address.


I really like the bells and whistles at TCH... but it seems that shared IP addresses is the norm.


So is the info in this article legit???


PS - This particular site doens't offer hosting services so I don't see how this could be self-serving. They sell software to optimize websites for search engines. I have no idea if their software is any good.


PPS - This isn't the first time that I've read this about the IP's... doesn't make it true, but thought I'd mention it. Maybe it's a common misconception.


I'd love to hear from dsdemmin or anyone else on this.

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I think I may have answered my own question. I should know better than posting without doing better homework or actually using the grey matter between my ears.


1- I surfed a couple of chatrooms solely dedicated to SEO stuff. It seems that others have asked this question before... as it is a common misconception.


2- Others on these chatrooms have indicated that they have several dozen accounts on shared IP's without any negative consequences.


3- Obviously if this were a problem, then most of the sites at TCH would have SEO problems big time... as is not the case.


Okay... now I am officially taking a hiatus from the chatroom and getting back to business.


Sorry for the brain fart.

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