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What is The Importance Of Inbound Links?

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The importance of inbound links (Backlinks).


Recently the topic of link structure has come up within our family forum.


Read Link Structure - Hyperlinks and the Importance of Link Structure for review.


Here I would like to discuss the ever-growing importance of inbound links. These are the links that other sites have which link back to your site (thus the name, backlinks). Inbound links affect all search engines but here I will focus on their influence to Google's PageRank.


Read Google's PageRank for review and more detail.


A large portion of PageRank (PR) is calculated by the number of inbound links and the corresponding PR of the linking page. Thus, not all pages contribute the same amount. It is more complicated then simply stating that a PR7 page contributes more then a PR5 page. Analysis of the equation reveals that the PR of the linking page is equally shared among all the outgoing links. Therefore, the ideal world would be a PR10 page with only one outbound link… the one pointing to you. ;)


Side note: Understanding one's rank and PR score will be discussed in my next post.


Keep in mind that the text of the link and the surrounding text are involved in the analysis. Thus, one can accurately conclude that a text link would be more 'rewarding' then a graphical link.


For example, we ask all TCH clients to link to us :D ;) using a text link that looks like this:


Web Hosting by TotalChoice Hosting


><a title="web hosting by TotalChoice Hosting" href="http://www.totalchoicehosting.com"> <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" size="1" color="#003366">Web Hosting by TotalChoice Hosting</font></a>


Note the use of words, we like 'web hosting'.


We also offer you to add a link to your site on our family member's page. This is in your very best interest. The requirements are that the site must be complete (e.g. no under construction sites) and you must have a link to us (as the one described above).


Side note #2: The best way to be included in Google's index is not by submitting your site to their index, rather by their spider (Googlebot) 'finding' you via a link found on a indexed page. Googlebot frequently visits TotalChoice Hosting; therefore, adding your link to our family page will insure a Google visit. :)

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