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How To Upload Pdf?

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Hi-I am very new at this! I have taken over the (volunteer) webmaster postition for a charity club. I have a pdf file that I need to upload and can't seem to figure out how. Right now the pdf file is on my computer-how do I get it to the server so others can see it? Thank you for your help in this!

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Welcome to the forums Heidi :)


If you are hosted here

You can use an ftp program or your cpanel's file manager to upload to a folder inside your public_html folder


If you are hosted some where else check with your host to see where public files go.


With ftp navigate to the file on your computer in the local window

and to the desired folder on your site in the remote window

drag the file from the local window to the remote window.


with file manager, click the folder icons to go inside the public_html folder and continue to the desired folder

then select upload file, browse to the pdf file and select upload.


Then you can link to it for others to view or download.


Hope this helps.

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Welcome to the forums. Don is right on the money. It's easier (in my opinion) using a separate FTP program. While Frontpage is a good program to use to learn website design (I used it myself), eventually you'll want to move to another program where you'll have more control over the content. There are several freebies out there. In fact, one was mentioned in the forums not long ago, although I can't seem to find it!

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