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What Happened To My Phpbb Forum?

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Here is the link to my forum:






I got the following email awhile ago, but hadn't acted on it yet. I didn't make any changes to my forum, so i don't know what happened. Once I saw this error message I went to my cpanel and downloaded the new version, but nothing has changed. Here is the email:


Dear TotalChoice Customer,


This notice is to inform you of the need to upgrade your phpBB forum software to the latest stable version, phpBB 2.0.17.


This latest release of phpBB addresses several bugs and a number of exploits. Previous versions of phpBB have been causing significant server performance degradation issues as well as some accounts being hacked due to these exploits.


You are hosted on a shared server and it is unfair to other users to allow you to cause poor server performance due to your use of exploited software.


We feel we are providing you with enough of an advanced notice to make these changes.

Therefore, we will send this notice out again in 10 days as a second reminder to upgrade. On September 07, 2005 we will begin disabling all exploited versions of this software.

While this may seem extreme it is to protect all users as well as your own accounts from poor performance and security risks.


Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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