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Two Questions


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I have two "new" questions. First I am starting to create different users on my site so my friends can post however I recently create a new user id for someone and I cannot log in with the user name and password I choose....it just says incorrect password each time. Is there something I am not doing? Has anyone ran into this problem before?


Also, if you look at my site http://www.thebigtimer.com I would like to change the order in which the links on the navigation bar are display, how can I go about doing that. And where do I change the target of the link?


Thanks a bunch!

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register for your site under any name, goto you cpanel then look at your sqlserver, the goto sqladmin little letters at the bottom, the select users, copy the "known" password of the user you just created and past it in the user admin, then you can get back into your blog :) I will post a more detailed how to very soon, just because the staff is so nice in putting up with my dumb panic questions :)

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I am also having this trouble, although I didn't know it until today.


Users are not able to log into my blog.


The only user that appears to be working is the admin user. I tried this with two different users; one is an "author" (level 1) and one is a "reader" (level 9).


I'm using WP 1.5.2.


I'll work on trying to figure this one out tomorrow.

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Ok. Here's what I found (and this will be fast, because I'm about to miss my train...)


If you register with a new account, it works fine on my blog. But if a user who was a member before I upgraded to 1.5.2 tries to log in, they cant, even if I, as an administrator, give them a password in the interface.


However, if that user clicks on the "I forgot my password" link, then they will get an email saying "follow this link to reset your password." They follow the link, and a new random password is sent to them.


Now, when they log in with the WP-set password, they can. They can then change their password to whatever they want, and they can continue using the site as usual.


At least that worked for me right now. Your mileage may vary.


Now I'm running for the train. See you all tomorrow.

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Hmmm. I thought I checked that to make sure I was entering it correctly. But alas, I have no more users (from before the upgrade) that I can check.


Weird. But it seems to be working now.


Funny that all three of us would make a similar mistake...

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