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My site with TCH is at aworldofhelp.com.


I got an e-mail today that said my site would be shut down if I didn't upgrade my PHPBB installation to 2.0.17 by September 7.


I run two copies of the PHPBB, but both are upgraded to 2.0.17, and both give this text in the admin control panel:


Version Information


Your installation is up to date, no updates are available for your version of phpBB.


For the latest information on updates to phpBB, why not subscribe to our mailing list.


Powered by phpBB 2.0.17 © 2001 phpBB Group


Was the e-mail sent out to everyone on that server, or are my boards not up to date according to TCH?


Obvioulsy I want to change any exploited code for my own sake, as well as everyone else on the shared server. Thanks for your help!

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The e-email I received said

On September 07, 2005 we will begin disabling all exploited versions of this software.

I did not see any mention of shutting down your site.


The e-mail went to any one that installed phpBB through their cpanel.


Since you have already upgraded, you don't have to worry :thumbup1:

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