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Buying A Domain And Hosting

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Hey guys


I just decided to use TCH for my hosting purposes and so I bought a domain using TCH (actually using securepaynet, are you two the same?) yesterday.


Now I am trying to buy a hosting plan for the domain. When I click the buy for the silver plan, it tells me that I must update the nameservers myself and then it asks me to register again. It does not recognize the user id and password I used to buy my domain.


So two questions -

1. Since I bought the domain at TCH and now I am buying the webhosting also at TCH, is it not possible for TCH itself to update the nameservers? If not, how do I update the nameservers? (I also use private registration, so I think I would have to go through domainbyproxy to update my nameservers).

2. Why doesnt it recognize the userid and password I used to buy the domain?


Now that I had to register again for the forums, could I use this registration information to buy the webhosting or do I have to register again with a different id and password?


Thanks, guys.



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Hi kaarthik,


Welcome to the family :thumbup1:


The domain name is through our partner site, so just sign up as a new user for the hosting.


If, when you bought the domain name, you said to leave it on the default nameservers for TotalChoice Hosting, then you will not need to change anything there. Simply sign up for the hosting, and all should work.


The hosting registration is a separate id & password to the forum here, so you will have to sign up as a new user there.

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Welcome to the forum, kaarthik. :thumbup1:


Since you already signed up with username kaarthik in the forum, you don´t need to go through the forum-registration again (just to clear things up). :oops:


Feel free to ask us any questions you might have. There is usually someone who knows the answers.


And finally, don´t forget to pop in to introductions for a formal welcome when you have settled down. :dance:

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Welcome to the forum and our family, kaarthik :)


I know all those user names and passwords seem overwhelming

but its better security to keep them separate.


if you need help to remember them

checkout AnyPassword

a secure password keeper where you need just one password to remember.

There is a link on the totalchoicehosting help site under freebies.

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Welcome to the family and forums, kaarthik. I know from experience that those first few forays into the web hosting world are a little daunting. Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have. The only dumb question is the one you don't ask!

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