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Can I Get My Account Name Changed?


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I just created a new account for a new domain that I'm managing, clearlakevolleyball.com. I have an existing domain that I manage, pearlandjrs.com, and the username is at least related to the site name in a way that I can remember it. This one is a random set of letters; not even a decent acronymish compilation.


Can I submit a ticket or something to get an easier to remember account name? I know what I'd like to have if I can get a choice... It's six letters long.

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As I understand,

user names are now computer generated for security purposes.

If the user name is profane or otherwise inappropriate it can be changed with a help desk ticket.


But not just to make it easy to remember.

this is done for your protection

the user name is one half of the access to your account.

This is done to make it harder for hackers to break into your account.


What I did is to get a password manager like anypassword

see the help site under freebies > password keepers > anypassword.


It is a great free program to help remember all those passwords with lots of room for notes for each password.

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Seems counterproductive. By making the username totally random, users will have to write it down or leave it in their mail files... which most likely makes it less secure.


I know there are digital wallets that are supposed to be secure. I use SplashID on my Palm. But what is much more likely is that folks will simply allow their browser autofill and web-dev apps to hold their logon id.


Let account names be the account names, and let passwords be the passwords.

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Sorry to strongly disagree with you.


Here is why.


I have seen MANY accounts hacked into due to account usernames.


It is 100% the opposite of counterproductive. It is very productive.


Security should be of paramount importance to end users. We changed this policy because customers wanted user names like "Jeff" or "web". Now think how easy it would be for a person with malintent to hack into your account when you have such a easy to determine username. There are scripts that can guess 10,000 usernames per minute. This has nothing to do with writing down your username or keeping it in your email. It is really bigger than that.


I am sorry however the username policy is not up for discussion.

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People letting the web autofill the username/password will be a problem regardless of the format of the username. At least this way they have to guess the username AND the password.


Just for an example, if there are 2 character username/passwords and you can use only lowercase letters (to keep the math easy) then there are 26*26*26*26=456,976 possible combinations. If your user name is the same as your forum name ("Ed" for example) then it becomes only 26*26 or 676 possible combinations.


The more the bad guys have to guess the safer we all are cuz if they hack you they may crash me if we're on the same server. :)

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