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There has been some discussion here in the forms recently about how to allow your users to contact you, without putting your email address on your site.


While I was browsing the WordPress Plugins list, I came across the WP-ContactForm plugin. (Here is the website).


Here are some of the features:


- All you have to do is upload two files to your plugins directory, and activate the plugins. That is by far the hardest part.

- You can use your WP dashboard to set the target e-mail address, confirmation message, and error message; no messing with the PHP files at all!!

- A button appears in the tool bar for every page or post you create/edit -- allowing you to put the contact form on whatever page(s) you want to on your site.


It is super easy to configure, because you use the Dashboard for all the configs. If you are looking for a way to put a form in your WordPress blog so that your users can contact you, I think this is a VERY easy way to go!!


Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated in any way with the writer(s) of this plugin. I just saw it and it reminded me of the discussions in these forums about using contact forms on our websites instead of email addresses.


Second Disclaimer: I've decided not to use this on MY site because it is too wide for my theme. Instead I'm using dodosmail.php script, and I'm hiding my "thankyou" page. If you want more information about how I'm doing this, I'd be happy to share.

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