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Tch Vs Value Web


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This isn't a question... just my experience so far with my first week or so at TCH... my new home.


I'm in the process of moving several sites over from Value Web after hosting with them for over a year. They have some strong points... but TCH is heads and shoulders better.


Here's my analysis:

TCH versus ValueWeb





Compiled as Apache (preferred method)

4.3 version

XSLT and XML extensions

Pear Extensions

Zend Optimizer (for faster script execution)


(Bottom line for those who aren't geeked out on PHP like me... TCH has loaded their servers with all the bells and whistles. You may never use it... but it's there.)


Value Web:

Compiled as CGI

4.2 version

No XML functionality

No Pear extensions

No Zend Optimizer





Database on same server as website (localhost in script)


You can create multiple databases, assign users, and have varies levels of access

Included with any web hosting account


Value Web

Company packs every mysql database for all clients on two servers

Your database does NOT reside on the same server as your website (longer connection)

Slow as molasses

You are automatically assigned only one database, the username is automatically set to the same as your website, and your username is revealed to visitors anytime there is a failure with connecting to the database and error reporting steps haven’t been established

MySQL through Value Web is only included on request and costs at least $15 extra per month





Several tools to analyze log files


Value Web

Log files are set up in a way that makes it practically impossible to be read by popular third party software like Analog

For $10, you get a special version of Web Trends that is set up to read and analyze the log files but the depth of the report and the details leaves a LOT to be desired





Allows you to put sensitive files (password) outside the publicly accessible html folders

Switching to TCH gave me the ability to set up include files outside the public directories and then have my PHP scripts include them when database connections were needed. This is a huge security advantage.


Value Web

Forbids you access to the root directory and therefore every folder and file is automatically accessible by the public

Include files are accessible to the public


Cron Job



Gives access to automatically run scripts through access to cron


Value Web

Under no circumstance does Value Web allow you to execute a cron job.

The only workaround is to have a “fake cron” script that executes EVERY time your website is accessed. This is a drain on resources and also requires that your website is hit at least as frequently as you want your script to execute.


Control Panel



Full featured control panel automatically loaded with PHPmyadmin and other handy scripts


Value Web

Control panel is okay… but very inferior to TCH




No comparison. TCH is better value over "Value Web"



And, to some it all up,

TCH Rocks


I'd say that ValueWeb's strong suit is the fact that you never have to wait on hold because they have this cool call back feature. It turns out to be pretty handy since I had to call Tech Support often and ask them why their MySQL server was so dang slow.

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... just my experience so far with my first week or so at TCH ...


You certainly have had quite an impact for just a one-week-old!


Thanks for joining the family. :unsure:

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... TCH has loaded their servers with all the bells and whistles. You may never use it... but it's there...

For me that is one of the reasons TotalChoice is my preferred web host. As a site administrator I constantly try to upgrade myself and learn more about available technologies.


Having switched hosts for many times over the years, I learnt that sometimes we may not yet know about the usefulness of a certain feature, and so do not look for it in a host. But when it is made available to us (even when we did not require it), we will be able to experiment, learn about and eventually put to use the new skill learnt.


TCH Rocks

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Glad to be here.


I didn't mention that while at Value Web I'd occasionally venture out and try other hosts only to be sorely dissapointed.


My feeling used to be, "Well Value Web is expensive... but it's the best I've found."


TCH is in a separate class.


So I'm very happy to be with TCH.

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I will keep an eye on the memory on server11. A check of the memory as of this moment it looks like its well within our standard operating guidelines.


Memory Used 39.7 %


However, I will continue to monitor the memory use on server11.



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