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Double Subdomain


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I've never done a double subdomain, but it looks like you can set them up in the Subdomains section of your CPanel.


To set up http://sub1.sub2.your-TCH-domain.com, you'd first create the sub2.your-TCH-domain.com subdomain. Then you'd select sub2.your-TCH-domain.com in the drop-down box next to the "Add" button and create the sub1 subdomain, which I think would give you sub1.sub2.your-TCH-domain.com.


I guess you can give it a try and see if it works. :xmas:

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I tried this, and indeed, it does not work.


When you are in cPanel, if you try to add the subdomain "test" to "subdomain.example.com", cPanel will tell you that the creation was sucessful, however, if you try to access http://test.subdomain.example.com, it doesn't work.


If you look at your folder structure, you will discover that cpanel created the "test" folder in /public_html/ directory, NOT the /public_html/subdomain/ directory.


But you can't simply use "test.example.com" because that doesn't work either. You can only access the contents of this folder by going to example.com/test.


So, while cPanel TELLS you that the subdomain creation was successful, it won't work when you try to actually use it.

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