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Redirects In Awstats Error Codes?

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First, I tried to help myself on this and did a search through the forums using "error AND codes AND 302 AND awstats". It resulted in three messages to read, but when I click on any of them, we go nowhere....it just hangs. I've been retrying for several minutes. All three messages are from early 2004.


So, here's my question:


What does it mean, in AWStats, to have a lot of hits that get the error 302 (Redirects- Temporary) and also several error 301 (Redirects - Permanent)? I have no redirects set up at this time on my website. My Error Log shows no errors. It's showing 135 302's and 14 301's for this month.


No hurry in answering this, as I've been wondering about it for sometime now. But will really appreciate anyone shedding light on this for me! Thanks!

Patti Stoll

Server 93


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Here are 2 of the links your search brought back.





There is a bug in the serach when you have multiple criteria you are searching on. It cannot highlight all the terms.


Thanks, Bruce. Is there a better way to narrow searches? I did a search on just "error codes" and got back 30 PAGES of results.


The links you provided were very helpful. So, it seems the redirects may be caused by CPanel use. That doesn't account for mine being so high, but I use Zencart and its processes might do some redirects.


I noticed most people weren't worried about it. The reason I am a little worried about it is that I have a link TO my store (out there somewhere, can't remember offhand) and they do not allow a link to a page that redirects. So, I avoid them if possible.


Thanks so much again!


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You can do the search as you have before.  You will just have to copy and paste the url to the post you want to view and remove everything after the post number.


Remove the &hl=your-search-criteria and it will load the post for you.


Thanks SO MUCH, Bruce! That one's been bothering me for awhile (it's happened before). Just tried it and it works like a charm. Will have to make a note of this so I don't forget.


Have a great week!


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